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Any working-aged person with a vocational disability meeting admission criteria is eligible for ODC services. A referral can be made by contacting your local Division of Rehabilitation Services Office, County Social Services Agencies or other public agencies serving individuals with disabilities. Further information may be received by contacting the coordinator at any of the ODC locations listed on the locations page of the website.


The ODC does not exclude individuals from its programs based solely on orthopedic or neurological disabilities, sight or hearing impairments, lack of communication skills, lack of activities of daily living skills, severity of physical or mental disabilities, behavioral concerns or past programming history.

In the event a supportive service is needed by a program participant and such service are not available through the ODC, the referral agent or county case manager will be asked to coordinate the additional service needed by the participant.

Downloadable forms for your convenience

Program Referral Form is for use by Vocational Rehabilitation, County Services and ODC only.
IPS Referral is strictly for use by Individual Placement and Support staff.


  • 16 years of age or older
  • Diagnosed vocational disability
  • Reasonable likelihood to benefit from ODC programming
  • Free of behaviors which are a threat to the safety of others or themselves
  • A desire to participate
  • Potential to perform productive work
  • Social security number and picture identification (drivers license/state identification card)
  • Capable of getting to and from work
  • Identified financial sponsor
  • Current medical, psychological, social, criminal and vocational histories
  • Mental health is stabilized and medication is taken appropriately
  • Must pass criminal background check