2020 Annual Report

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From the CEO

2020, the year that ODC had designated for our growth period. Who expected COVID-19?

At ODC, we always try to look at every problem as an opportunity for growth, a chance to improve and continue to do our best to provide needed support for the individuals we serve. Who knew that Zoom would become our best friend! Many of us spent time adapting to the positives and negatives of online meetings. The “personal touch” contact that had always been our strength seemed out of reach, but together we learned what we could accomplish even when we weren’t physically together. We had no idea how dramatically our plans, goals and service would change and how the pandemic would force ODC to adapt to the growing restrictions and changing needs of our persons served and of all our communities.

We made an internal commitment to get through the pandemic and the recovery without causing permanent damage to our agency, our staff and the needs of our communities. While it was a difficult time for all of us, we made it!

ODC chose not to layoff any of our staff. With the assistance of COVID relief programs, we were able to support our staff even when they could not all be at their job sites. All our staff were committed to our desire to improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities and that remained steadfast throughout the challenges with the pandemic. Our staff continued to make every effort to support every person to make sure they were connected to resources to get through this difficult time. The staff were amazing at utilizing their time for extra training, extra cleaning and developing programs to provide mutual support. It is this support and shared dedication that keeps our communities strong.

Thank you to all of you! Through this pandemic, you have all realized you have the power to change someone’s life. Continue to use it.

No one knows when the pandemic will be over. We all hope that this is not our “new normal.” What we do know is that, with mutual support, we can handle anything!

June Schelde, President and CEO

ODC and ServiceMaster enter mutually beneficial partnership for innovative workforce tool in International Falls

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