The Occupational Development Center has over 40 years of experience as a custom manufacturer and service provider to commercial and government business partners.

When you work with ODC, not only will you receive quality products and services at competitive prices, you also provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity to contribute to their communities.

Stake and Lath

We proudly provide stake and lath for the engineering, survey, municipal and construction industries.

Our products are produced and graded at a high quality that meets specifications required by the State of Minnesota.

Learn more about our Stake and Lath.

Exterior shot of pallet stacks at our Buhl production facility

Pallets & Skids

ODC produces customized pallets and specialty skids for customers who require a non-standard shipping option to protect their goods. We also offer custom wooden crating.

Resaw Services

With the ability to process material dimensions of 16 in. by 16 in. square and up to 20 ft. lengths, we are proud to offer custom cut shop services through the use of our lumber resaw.

Working with either green or dry wood, we can split lumber into 1x4s and 1x6s, making them the perfect size for pallets and dunnage. We cut truckload quantities of lumber to length with a quick turnaround!


Fire Sticks

Our Fire Sticks are produced in bulk and packaged for retail purpose. These Fire Sticks are suitable for wood & pellet stoves, grills, fireplaces and campfires.

shipping component_website

Shipping Components

Custom blocks, chocks, stickers, bracing and other forms of dunnage are produced by ODC to ensure that your items are safely protected during shipping.

Metal tray displayed on conference table


Made of 24-gauge sheet metal, we produce file tray organizers of various configurations and colors using spot welding technology and a powder coat finish.

Dust Pans

Our dust pans are 13-inches wide and made from 22-gauge sheet metal with a 4-inch handle. Black is standard, but other colors are available upon request.
Shot of single dust pan produced in Bemidji

Machine Sewing

ODC is capable of working with companies to provide production sewing. This includes tool pouches, mittens, die cutting and safety flags.
Side view of tool pouch and tools
Applying powder coat

Powder Coating

Our state-of-the-art powder coating facility serves small to medium-sized manufacturers in the upper midwest, providing large production runs with consistent and durable coverage at competitive prices.

Learn more about Production Coating Specialties.

Customized production

Across the nine locations that ODC operates, our knowledgeable staff can work with you on any specialized production your company may need.

Our customized production services include panel and die cutting along with resawn lumber and custom crating kits.

Please contact us to learn more!

Operating the panel saw at the Buhl production facility

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Lane Young

Vice President of Business Development and Operations

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